Tuesdays are Good Days to Experiment

Wild Rice Salad, Pepper Jack Grilled Cheese, and Fresh Fruit – perfect summer dinner out on the porch.

Not unlike many people, we are trying to save a little money by eating at home more often. But, we’ve found that we tend to rely on the same old recipes all the time, and inevitably, boredom sets in. To combat the boredom and just to learn something new, we have decided to make something novel every Tuesday all summer long. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be a whole meal. It just has to be something that we’ve never made before. I’m hoping that by documenting our triumphs and disappointments here, we’ll stick with it for awhile.

For our first experimental Tuesday we made chicken wild rice salad. We love wild rice, and since we have a parent (my mom) and a neighbor (lucky us!) who are always giving it to us, it’s a good thing we love it! This is a preparation we’d never tried before. We paired it with a simple grilled cheese and fruit for a nice summer dinner. It was awesome. I think we will definitely make this again.


the evolution of andasbackpack

I am old enough that I can say with all honesty that I had never had an email address until I got to college. On that bittersweet day when I finally graduated and was forced to take a non-college email account, I agonized over what that address should be: boring addresses with just my name and an underscore or number following would never do, neither would anything cutesy or glitzy or that said too much about who I was. Definitely nothing alluding to a brand name or corporation would be acceptable. I finally settled on andasbackpack, after my bacpacking pack that I basically lived out of at that time in my life. (I guess I also could have called it andasgrandam after my car that I pretty much lived in, too, but you know, brand names and all….). You never really know what you might find in andasbackpack. Just an email address, yes, but I try to choose words carefully. This is who I was/am/will always be.

The backpack, a green and gray Gregory that I’d inherited from an ex-boyfriend ended up getting stolen at some point in time and I replaced it with a turquoise REI model. I now carry a purse far more often than I ever carry a pack. And andasbackpack has grown, from a simple email account to almost a personal brand, a philosophy of life that embraces the adventure in everything, especially the creative process.

andasbackpack has a large capacity; it is not a small pack that has room for only one or two interests. And this is why andasbackpack was perfect for my Do-It-Yourself Showcase Blog. There’s room for cooking, sewing, gardening, art, design, and anything else that might come up. There’s plenty of room to grow.

Welcome to andasbackpack.