Tuesdays are Good Days to Experiment

Wild Rice Salad, Pepper Jack Grilled Cheese, and Fresh Fruit – perfect summer dinner out on the porch.

Not unlike many people, we are trying to save a little money by eating at home more often. But, we’ve found that we tend to rely on the same old recipes all the time, and inevitably, boredom sets in. To combat the boredom and just to learn something new, we have decided to make something novel every Tuesday all summer long. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be a whole meal. It just has to be something that we’ve never made before. I’m hoping that by documenting our triumphs and disappointments here, we’ll stick with it for awhile.

For our first experimental Tuesday we made chicken wild rice salad. We love wild rice, and since we have a parent (my mom) and a neighbor (lucky us!) who are always giving it to us, it’s a good thing we love it! This is a preparation we’d never tried before. We paired it with a simple grilled cheese and fruit for a nice summer dinner. It was awesome. I think we will definitely make this again.


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