The Ugly Quilt


Do you ever have one of those projects that you work on for-EV-er? That was The Ugly Quilt for me. I love this scrappy pattern, and there’s nothing about it that’s terribly difficult. But I thought about this quilt for a long time before I attempted it. I pieced the top fairly quickly, and then my husband and I worked on the quilting for almost a year. It’s a really large queen-sized quilt, so that was part of what took so long. We also quilted clovers along the border, and those took forever. Now that it’s finished, though, The Ugly Quilt was totally worth it!

The Ugly Quilt got its name from the scrap fabrics used to make it. I went for that ugly look. I love the navy and white background fabric, and then I just chose a great hodgepodge of colorful fabrics (some very ugly!) to make up the patchwork middle and the ring around the edge. It was supposed to have a lot of interest in the fabrics, and I think it does. When it came time to find a backing fabric, we totally lucked out. I found this perfect reddish-pinkish floral which matched the look I was going for perfectly, and it was even on sale. Then absolutely NOTHING except the green dots would do for the binding. I love the overall effect.

I made this quilt with a thin batting, and it’s one of the few quilts I’ve made for myself that’s had a definite purpose. I wanted it for a bedspread for our bed. I just wanted something colorful, yet kind of old-fashioned. I loved how this quilt turned out so much that on a whim this past summer we PAINTED OUR BEDROOM and I chose the color to MATCH THE UGLY QUILT!!!! Even now, I love to sit in bed and admire the different squares on my Ugly Quilt.


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