Larry’s Quilt


So… our friend and neighbor Larry was turning 60 years old, and since he’s currently living in hospice, we haven’t seen him in a while. I thought that some type of a nice, bright quilt might be a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. There was a pattern that I immediately thought of using, but the intricate blockwork would have required more time than I really had to spend on this project. So I decided on a nice, bright, value quilt. It’s made entirely out of half-square triangles arranged in a warm color/cool color pattern. I’ve made quilts with half-square triangles before, but I had never arranged them according to color to get a pattern. It turned out pretty neat! This is a really easy quilt to make. You just need some warm colors and cool colors (scraps work great!) in about equal amounts. I pulled these ones out and went from there.

The quilt back is a really soft, colorful, plaid madras. We quilted it in a diamond pattern with green thread, and bound it in an orangey-red dot print that we also used on the front. And that’s it. Larry’s Quilt.


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