Tote Bags! And More Tote Bags!

We’ve used my Farmers’ Market Tote Bag so often and loved it so much, it really was only a matter of time before more tote bags made their way into our lives.  The tote bags are so useful, and so much fun to make.  They’re great for showcasing some really cute fabrics, or even large scale fabrics.

The second tote bag we made was for my mom’s birthday back in February.  My mom is a bit of a minimalist, and not into sewing or crafting at all, but I thought she would appreciate the utilitarian value of a large tote bag.  She loves turtles, so I cut up some of my treasured sea turtles fabric for her tote bag.  The lining is a Denyse Schmidt print.  I love this bag, and she seemingly does, as well, as she has been taking it on almost all overnight trips since we gave it to her.

My mom’s Turtle Tote

Turtle Tote close up

The next tote bag was for my sister-in-law Steph.  Steph had commented a few times how she could use a bag like my Farmers’ Market Tote, so I finally got around to making one for her.  I picked a fabric with dogs on it, which I loved.  The stripe fabric is from Hancock – that fabric has made its way into a lot of my projects!  The black piping/binding fabric was a free prize and this was the perfect project to use it in, and the lining is a pink ric-rac print.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.  I hope she likes it.  FYI, I know a lot of people complain about their in-laws, but I seriously won the in-law lottery.  I have the best in-laws evah!!

Steph’s Tote

You can really fit a lot in there!

The horses tote bag was Greg’s project.   He wanted his own Farmers’ Market Tote Bag, because we sometimes need two of them at the Farmers’ Market or Mississippi Market (if we are buying a lot), or if we’re going on a short trip, we could each have our own.  He really wanted to use that horse fabric, and I think it looks amazing.  The whole thing is batiks.

Greg’s Horses Tote

full of stuff

Modeling his new bag. No, my husband is not too proud to carry a bag to the Market.

Finally, I wanted to experiment with stabilizers/interfacing a bit, so the final tote bag was a bit of an experiment with light interfacing and minimal quilting.  It turned out pretty well (not perfect, though), and I do like the extra body the interfacing gave it. 

sewing that bad boy

Trees Tote Bag

My pretty Trees Tote. I love this picture. I look like a way better gardener than I really am!

Me with my new tote bag.

I think I’m tote-bagged out for a while.  Unless somebody really wants one, or I need a gift for somebody, I think I’ve made quite enough of these bags lately.  They are great though.  We use ours all the time.  They are our bags of choice for weekend trips, the Farmers’ Market, CSA pickup, or walking to the Co-op.


Welcome to my WordPress Blog

I’ve moved andasbackpack over here from its former location.  I’ve had too many issues with my Blogger location, so I hope this one will be better and I can post more often.  I plan to post most often about new recipes we try and of course sewing projects and other DIY projects we undertake.

I have a lot to catch up on, so I look forward to doing that soon.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some images of my babies.  Here’s what they think of my blogging.

Sleepy Schped Baby

His Evil Highness has apparently had a tough day.