Catch Up

Just because I haven’t finished a ton of stuff recently doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on things. I’ll give a run down on what I’ve been working on for the past 11 months, hopefully with pictures!! (Fingers crossed.)


Gratuitous shot of my beautiful homeland.

First we have my bag-making phase that I went through last summer and fall.  I had made a couple of simple bags before, but suddenly I got really into bags, and not just simple bags, either, but bags with hardware and adjustable straps and everything 🙂


AMH Mail Sack

One bag that I’ve used a lot, especially in the fall, is my Anna Maria Horner Mail Sack.  This pattern and these AMH fabrics were the inspiration for me tackling bag-making in the first place. I had previously made the Mail Sack and the Mini Mail Sack in quilting-weight cotton, but doing it in home-dec weight cotton gave the bag a really nice, sturdy feel.  I really like this bag and use it in my purse rotation often.


Topstitching detail.


AMH Mail Sack.

Then there was my Bricks and Bunnies (Surgery) Quilt. I actually started working on it a year ago, if you can call a fabric pull “working on it”.


Cutting bricks and having tea in my favorite mug during surgery recovery in September.

I began working on it in earnest after a minor surgery in September left me home from work for 2 weeks. I even made a funky pieced backing which I might love nearly as much as the top side. I worked rather diligently for quite a while, but then when I got to the quilting part I petered out. It still sits in my WIP pile, about a third of the way quilted. But I do really love this quilt, so I want to finish it soon. I just can’t get excited about the quilting part of making quilts, I guess.  My favorite part of this quilt is that I cut up some of my precious collected bunny fabrics to make it.


Cutting bunnies.


Quilt top, finally!


I used some scraps from the front on my pieced backing and made a few random blocks.


My pieced backing. I adore it.

As I was losing interest in quilting my Bricks and Bunnies quilt, I started my Lobstah, Mingo, Skyrat & Friends quilt.  The only fabric line I’ve ever owned all of in yardage is Emily Herrick’s Shore Thing.  And that is actually thanks to my husband who bought me a full set of half-yard cuts, plus extra of the blue lobsters 🙂  Anyway, I decided to cut into my Shore Thing fabrics to make a blockless quilt that basically just uses large pieces of the super-cute fabrics.  What a great way to show off these terrific prints.  My color scheme was blue, which isn’t a color I’ve really used much of before.  I pulled out all of the blue prints, most of the multi-colored prints, and some navy solid to make my quilt top.  The pieced back is rather like the front, only with no vertical strip, and an orange-blue color scheme.  So I still have a lot of my Shore Thing fabrics left over after making this, including all of the red prints, which I didn’t touch at all for this quilt.  Right now this sits in the WIP pile as a quilt top and a quilt back.  I just need to make the sandwich and quilt it.  Can you see where I always lose interest??


Piles of “Shore Thing” waiting for me to cut them up.


Quilt top!! Only part showing in this picture.

Well, I think that is a good enough catch-up for now.  When I finish these, I’ll share for sure!  I have several other things I have worked on or that I am *still* working on (sigh…), but I think those will be a post for another day.


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