The last eight weeks have been crazy busy.  During that time I’ve worked almost exclusively on just one project – Isabelle’s Quilt.  

Out of the blue, my childhood friend approached me about making a quilt for her daughter, Isabelle.  When her son was born, I made the very first Bricks and Bunnies quilt for him, and she wondered if I could make something for her daughter.  I was pretty inspired and chose a bunch of rather soft, girly-looking fabrics from my stash to play around with.  At that time, I wasn’t sure if my friend had something specific in mind that she wanted, but I just felt like playing around with those fabrics, whether I ended up using them for this project or not.


Original fabrics pulled out. I based it all around the green sheep.


Stack of 33 quilt blocks I worked on with Schped at night.

It turned out that my friend left everything totally up to me, so I went with the soft colors of pink, green, yellow, and purple, and I chose a pretty simple block.  I had this green fabric with little sheep on it, and I based everything else around that.  I work full-time, so I usually work on my projects late at night, as I tend to be a notorious insomniac.  I stayed up late with my dog Spiro sewing these blocks and watching late night news coverage of the Boston marathon bombing.  Spiro died on April 25, and in those last few days when it became clear that we were going to lose him, the two of us stayed up late together, and I will always remember that this quilt is what I was working on.  It is hard for me to give it away for that reason – it’s just a connection to my beautiful, faithful little dog who I still miss so much, and what a great dog he was, and what a sweet companion to me in the wee hours of the morning when nobody else was ever awake.


My sweet Schped (Spiro), laying on his own quilt.

It’s hard for me to know if the reason that I love it so much is tied up in my feelings for Spiro, or if I just think it turned out awesome.  Maybe some of both 🙂  I love, love, LOVE the backing I made for this quilt.  It’s a deep purple solid (Art Gallery Pure Elements), with a giant strip of random pieces sewn up.  That idea came about because I wanted to use up some of my scraps from the front of the quilt.  I have so many scraps laying around here and I love scraps as much as anyone, but I just don’t need any more right now.  So I started playing around with sewing them together, and then I came up with the vision of making a giant, randomly pieced strip to go across the back.  It was so fun to make.  I actually didn’t have quite enough scraps to make the strip long enough, so I also got to raid my scrap bin and use up more scraps from other projects that fit in with my color scheme.  For that reason, I think the strip is my favorite part of the quilt.  I love to see all the pieces of this quilt along with pieces of previous projects that all bring back good memories.  And I think it looks really modern and cool.  I bordered it with some mustard yellow and the deep purple matches, yet doesn’t match, the girly front.  It’s almost like having 2 totally separate quilts, yet they look good together.  The front is soft, girly, and traditional, and the back is a little edgy and awesome.  I just love it.


Quilt back (part of it) draped over our front porch rail.


Random sewing of scraps for the quilt back. I kind of wished my nieces were over while I was making this so I could suggest they count the scraps on the back, which I’m sure is several hundred. I’m kind of curious how many, but definitely not curious enough to count them myself!


We rented a townhouse on Lake Superior in mid-May, and I spent a little time working on the back strip while it rained.

Of course, there are always a couple things that go wrong with any project, or things that don’t turn out *quite* right, or things you’d do over differently if you had the chance.  With this quilt, my main “complaint” is the giant size.  It’s only a tiny bit bigger than a standard twin (according to the internet), but it just seems really big and I wish I had made it a little smaller, maybe the size of a twin mattress with no hang down.  My other complaint is with some of the purple fabrics on the front of the quilt which I think are a little too blue.  But hopefully it’s all ok and nobody will really notice too much.


Close up.

I love this quilt, and I had so much fun making it.  I’ll also always remember it because it was what I worked on during those last nights that Spiro was with us, and he was my constant nighttime companion.


The whole thing 🙂


Backing strip detail.


The full quilt back (love this part!)

I hope it is well-loved in its new home in Connecticut.  



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