Hello!  I’m Amanda.  Welcome to my blog, andasbackpack!  You can find lots of fun stuff here, including sewing, cooking, gardening, and other D0-It-Yourself type projects.  I like the challenge of making something myself, solving the problems that inevitably surface during that process, and designing and creating something unique and perfect for my own use. 

I’m the writer here, and I also fancy myself the Chief Design Officer and Chief Wild Ideas Officer, but by NO MEANS WHATSOEVER is andasbackpack a one-person operation.  andasbackpack is me and my husband of almost 11 years.  We share a love of process, of sometimes doing things the hard way just to see if we can, of working together to create something absolutely perfect for our needs (or more often, wants!).  We work well together – one of us bringing a lot of ideas, excitement, and artistic creativity and the other bringing analytical problem-solving skills, steadfastness, creative engineering, brute strength, and humor to the mucky mix that is andasbackpack.

We live in St. Paul, MN with our two 14-year-old mutts, one of whom is quite evil (but oh-so-adorable), and the other who is very nearly deaf (not that he ever listened very well anyway, but now we have an excuse).



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